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Rand Merchant Investment Holdings Limited (RMI) was unbundled from RMB Holdings Limited (RMH) in 2011 to create a diversified insurance group alongside RMH’s banking focus.

In 2014, RMI was given a proactive investment mandate to identify, invest in and partner with entrepreneurial and disruptive financial services institutions. This required a new brand identity that would distinguish RMI from the broader RMH portfolio, while retaining its proud association with the group. The new identity reflects an inclusive vision of partnership and growth paired with individual management, which is at the core of RMI’s business strategy. The carefully crafted icon with its open-ended yet closed circular shape accurately reflects RMI’s objective: to enable would-be subsidiaries to operate as self-managed entities within a partnership structure. 

The new identity was launched using a custom letterpressed brand guide made with traditional bookbinding and printing tools. The craftmanship and expertise involved in this process echo RMI’s belief that excellence is the result of years of dedication and focus.

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